Please let me know what you want BEFORE you donate anything. By no means am I any sort of professional. I'm just a blogger, doing what I love on the side. I am not afraid to tell you if I can't do what you want.  I mainly work on Blogger. I have never used any of the other blogging services, but I am willing to do what I can to help.

Do NOT be scared off by the suggested donation amount. That is just a baseline. Please read this page for more details.

I am friendly to the computer illiterate. If you know what you want, but don't know what it is called, or don't know what the items are that are listed below, just ask!

Blog Consultation:
For those who want to try to fancy-schmancy up their own blogs, but just don't know where to start.
* Information about what to change on your blog to make it look better
* Ideas on how to expand your audience
* Tips on designing your own graphics
* Answer any other questions you have
Suggested Donation Amount:  $10.00
After the consultation, if you decided that you don't want to embark on the recommended tasks yourself, the cost of the consultation will go towards the cost of your design package.

Design Services 
For all design services and packages, the suggested donation amount is for the graphics ONLY. If you would like me to install them for you, please add an additional $5 to the suggested donation amount.

Header Design:
* Custom design a header graphic, with your choice of design, colors, and logo
Suggested Donation Amount: $15.00

Grab Badge Design:
* Custom design 3 150x150 grab badges for your blog/site
Suggested Donation Amount: $15.00

Background Design:
* Custom background design for 2 column or 3 column layouts
Suggested Donation Amount: $25.00

Custom Follow Buttons:
* Custom buttons that lead your readers to your social networking sites
Suggested Donation Amount: $25.00
Suggested Donation Amount for installation: $10.00

Create a Facebook fan page for your blog:
* Create the page, fill out the information, install a facebook 'like' box on your blog, upload your logo as your profile picture
Suggested Donation Amount: $10.00

Custom Post Footer/Signature:
* Create custom images that reoccur at the bottom of each of your posts
Suggested Donation Amount: $10.00

Adding Widgets, Commenting Formats (Intensedebate, Disqus, etc.),  and other fancy schmancy things that you have seen on other blogs:
* Just tell me what you want, and if you can, give me a link to a blog you saw it on so I know we are talking about the same thing, and I can install it for you!
Suggested Donation Amount: $7.00 per item 

Blog Overhaul:
* Header
* Background
* Grab Badges (3)
* Footer
* Follow Buttons
Suggested Donation Amount: $100.00 with installation, $70 without

Do not hesitate to contact me about any other services you want done, no matter how small. Even if it's just something simple like changing your font, or a 'how do I get what that person has' question!